Setting Up PWD CP Plus CCTV Camera

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How To Setup CP PLUS CCTV Camera

>>>Important: Turn off Mobile Data<<<

Step 1: Connect your Phone to WIFI To CP Plus Set Top Box

  • Connect Scan Wifi and Select CCTV Camera Box Wifi.
  • Select 5G wifi Mode. Your CCTV Settop box wifi
  • Enter Password cctvtest@123 (Provided By Admin)

Step 2: Select Arrow Next to Wifi after Entering Password

Step 3: Change IP Settings to STATIC

Step 4: Enter The Following Settings Below and Save

  • IP Address:
  • Router :
  • Prefix Length 24
  • DNS1
  • DNS2

Step 5: Download and Install GCMOB app from Playstore

Step 6: Start App and allow Basic Permissions

Step 7: Select Camera

Step 8: Select Wired Device

Step 9: Select IP Domain

Step 10: Enter IP Domain Values:

  • Name: Any Name of Your choice Like ssn here
  • Address:
  • username: test
  • Password: cctvtest@123
  • Change Live Preview to MAIN
  • Change Playback to MAIN
  • Start Live Preview

Step 11: Click this camera button to see live preview. Click name added in step 10 Select camera and see live preview

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